OrgaPlus Rich Yet Lightweight Serum Extra

A one-of- a-kind solution that balances skin affected by stress, aging and harmful external factors. The revolutionary Oil & Serum Hybrid provides rich, lightweight moisture for smooth, healthy skin.

Unlike other serums, OrgaPlus Rich Yet Lightweight Serum Extra is not only beneficial during cold, dry winter months. Its unique formula benefits skin all year long, during any weather and any season.

OrgaPlus Rich Yet Lightweight Serum Extra works in three key ways:

- Enhances Skin Barrier: High-quality ingredients and lipid-like components help strengthen skin's natural barrier, resulting in fundamentally healthy skin and restored complexion.

- Preps for Makeup: The incredibly moisturizing formula prepares the skin for makeup, providing a smooth finish without any flakes or bumps.

- Brightens Complexion: Milk protein extracts help to quicken the skin's natural turnover process, resulting in clear, bright skin tone that lasts.

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Key Ingredients
  •   - A combination of four vegetable-oil ingredients hydrates skin, forms a moisturizing layer, and prevents moisture from evaporating.
  •   - H.A.S.A complex moisturizes the stratum corneum—the outer layer of the skin—to hydrate and smooth skin.
  •   - Hyaluronic acid quickly penetrates and coats skin to reduce water loss and protect skin from external harmful elements.
  •   - Milk protein extract effectively removes dead skin cells and helps promote clear skin tone.
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Additional Info

  •   - Formulated for all-season use
  •   - Tested for minimum skin irritation
  •   - No parabens, artificial colors or mineral oil
  •   - Beneficial for all skin types
  •   - Size: 1 fl. oz. / 30 mL

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