OrgaPlus Ever-Glow Platinum Face Mask

With just one use, this triple-layered, clinically tested sheet mask moisturizes and brightens using powerful active ingredients. Anti-aging properties help to lift and reduce fine lines, as well as rectify damage caused by harmful external factors.

Key to the mask's success: advanced triple-layered technology. The top foil layer of the mask acts as a protective cover, locking in active ingredients and preventing evaporation. The elastic middle layer creates a custom fit for your face. The bottom cellulose layer delivers ingredients directly to the skin, resulting in a youthful glow you can see immediately.

Apply in the evening and wake up to glowing, radiant skin. Or use in the morning or before an event to soften the appearance of fine lines.

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Key Ingredients
  •   - The antioxidant glutathione brightens dull skin.
  •   - Platinum, ceramide NP, panthenol, and DNA extracted from salmon act as skin- protective agents that dramatically improve skin texture.
  •   - Extract from the Centella asiatica plant soothes and heals irritated skin.
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Additional Info

  •   - Designed to fit every face shape
  •   - Size: XX

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