The Best of Korean Skin Care

Nature's Beauty US brings the best of Korean skin care to the US market. Based in New York City, Nature's Beauty is the American distributer for nature&nature.

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Real Beauty Is Found in Nature

Combining nature and science, we use high-quality, naturally derived ingredients in simple, transparent ways. Our skin care and beauty products provide customers with newly born skin based on nature.

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Our Brands

We create and distribute products that are both beautiful and beneficial for the skin. Our brands—including OrgaPlus—provide essential skin care for all ages and skin types.

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About OrgaPlus

One of the keystone brands from Nature's Beauty US, OrgaPlus creates smart, multipurpose products that help fight harsh environmental factors in everyday life. Using naturally derived ingredients, the gentle formulas are free of synthetic dyes, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, petroleum and talc.

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